Ten Things About Cell Phones That People Are More Than Tired Of

Mobile phones have become a constant companion. Even on extended hikes it’s quite common to see people with solar chargers on their packs, keeping their phones powered up for any given moment of rest. But for all that people love about their phones, there’s more than a few things people have come to hate. It’s easy to get tired of some problems that just never seem to improve.

10: The lack of innovation

There was a brief moment when smartphones really were innovative. The competition between Android and iOS was producing some amazing things. And then somewhere down the line it all stopped. Most new features in mobile operating systems are more about taking away user choice rather than helping it. Reveals of new features are often demands to be excited rather than reasons to actually feel it.

9: Microtransactions

It’s hard to imagine at this point. But there was a time when there weren’t even methods in place to buy apps for smartphones. The idea that one could download an app and then purchase things from within it would have seemed over the top. But today it’s become an annoying trend. There’s tons of freemium games out there which start out entertaining but quickly begin to beg for money.

8: Not invented here syndrome

There’s really only two big players in the world of mobile operating systems. But neither of them are very enthusiastic about working with shared standards. Both want features which are unique to their platform. But in doing so they often forget that people with different brands of phones still want to talk to each other. Phones were first created around the idea of standards for communication. Every phone manufacturer agreed on how their devices would connect to the phone line. But over time the idea of agreed upon standards has become more and more strained. If Apple or Google didn’t invent it themselves then they’re often loathe to use it.

7: Forced software upgrades

Software updates used to be exciting things which could deliver new experiences. But these days they often seem to be long tedious processes which don’t do very much. The operating system creators seem to think that everyone’s fine with updating their phones, software to communicate with their phones and any number of other things on a recurring basis. But it gets very tiring very quickly. Worse, it’s not uncommon for programs to suddenly stop working if those upgrades aren’t installed.

6: Lack of radio support

Many people aren’t even aware that the majority of smartphones have radios inside them. But of those who are, it’s often an essential safety feature. During an emergency the internet and even cell phone services are almost sure to go out. But radio service is incredibly resilient. If someone’s caught in a natural disaster than they should be able to use their phone’s radio. But most companies block access to the radio. While it’s not certain, the general theory is that they’re doing it to push sales of digital media from their stores.

5: The long forgotten battery

Most people have noticed that phones are becoming slimmer. But they also might notice battery life is getting shorter as well. A slim phone is often created by cutting down on battery capacity. Even 1/8th of an inch would often be enough to provide an extra hour or two. But phone companies refuse to accept that people prefer a reliable phone over a very small cosmetic difference.

4: External storage

There was a time when most phones would accept a micro SD card. One could then install apps on it, store movies and songs and generally get all the features of a phone with more memory. Most phone companies have realized that they can’t sell the higher priced luxury models if people can simply toss a cheap SD card into their phone and get most of the benefits for a smaller price. The end result has been increasing scarcity of SD card support.

3: Physical controls

Many people don’t like physical keyboards or controls. But there’s still quite a few people out there who do. But there’s almost no phones on the market with physical keyboards or gamepads. This leaves people who need faster typing and gamers in a position where they need to deal with clunky Bluetooth based solutions which simply don’t provide a natural feel.

2: Computer compatibility

Apple and Google both make operating systems and have branded computers. As such it’s not much of a surprise that they’ve tied their mobile operating systems into them to some degree. It’s often not a huge deal. But it’s happening commonly enough to become an issue. For example, the only way to write software for an iPhone is by using an Apple made computer. This isn’t for any technical reason. It’s simply artificially locked down to OSX in order to push sales.

1: Phone companies

The service providers will probably be the worst part of smartphones for some time to come. They’re often the biggest reason why some features never seem to appear on phones. For example, they were the reason why tethering took so long to appear on most smartphones. And most people are more than familiar with how phone companies use fuzzy descriptions to hide limitations they force into data plans.

The 3 greatest Moments in Cell Phones History

Cellphones are one of the most steadfast and growing technology in today’s society. The transformation from the first cellphone to now is impeccable and unbelievable; comparing from the first Nokia handset cellphone to the latest iPhone X. Now a days, it is very rare for an individual to not own a smart phone or cellphone in general because it has become an essential figure in ones life. Currently, individuals depend on their cellphones because of emails needed to be sent, text messages, phone calls, social media and etc but this all had to start from somewhere. There were many major moments within the cellphone era where innovated ideas were created and shown to the world.

Besides from the fact that the iPhone X is one of the hottest must own items in todays market. Back in 1973, the Motorola DynaTAC 8000x was the first cellphone ever displayed to the world and it was a jaw dropping moment. The currency rate compared to todays society is tremendously different and the Motorola DynaTAC 8000x cost almost four thousand dollars. The features included and offered thirty minute talk time, six hour stands and could hold thirty contact numbers as maximum. Martin Cooper who is responsible on displaying the first cellphone, made a phone call to a rival telecommunications company and apprised the fact that he was speaking to them on a mobile cellphone. Even though it weighed at least 2 pounds, it was a must get gadget within the stores.

As the technology industry was expanding, in 1993 IBM and Bellsouth personally announced their innovated idea as the world’s first smartphone. Even though the term “Smartphone” was not used till 1995, this was another breaking point in cellphone history. The smartphone before the iPhone was called the Simon Personal Communicator, and it was created fifteen years before Apple invented and released the iPhone. The SPC or Simon Personal Communicator had the price tag of eight hundred dollars with a service contract, the description featured a perpetual LCD touchscreen which was four and a half inches tall and an inch wide. Not only was the smartphone touchscreen with a stylus, most people were fond by the fact that the device was able to send and receive emails, faxes, and pages. There were also other options that included note taking collections, world clock and the capability of scheduling appointments. Even though the Simon Personal Communicator did not reach the level of popularity as the Androids or iPhones, IBM managed to sell their merchandise to fifty thousand units.

There were many events and moments where cellphones made an appealing display to the world but nothing came close to the Iphone launch. In January 2007, The first iPhone was launched by Apple and the features that blew away consumers mind was combining three products into one device. The products that was infused together was a mobile phone, an iPod, and finally a wireless communication device. One of the most well known figures in today’s society, Steve jobs stood onstage in San Francisco and told the world that Apple was releasing the phone and from that day on, it revolutionized the entire industry and world. The special and appealing part of the first iPhone designed a touch based user interface and was beyond unique comparing the phones in the past era. What amaze society was that the hype and sales of the iPhone, even though iPhone sales started at a appropriate time people waited and lined up days before just to buy one. By the end of the month of October, Apple had sold ten million iPhones worldwide and when Steve Jobs promised the world that the iPhone will change everything, it was not only a promise, it was a fact.

Even though there were many times throughout history where multiple invitational cellphone ideas broke the news and internet. The first cellphone, iPhone, and SCP stood out the most and has changed every single aspect of business, communication, and life today. Although technology is flourishing and blooming, there will be no surprise that the next greatest cellphone innovation idea could be waiting right out the door and is willing to top the newest Apple product or android gadgets.

The Most Common Mistakes People Make When Choosing Internet Speeds

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